the elements

 The four parts of the classical tradition form a solid foundation in all our teaching. They consist of exercises that step by step brings you closer to a profound experience of yourself.

Yoga provides softening exercises that makes your body strong and flexible. All body parts are affected. Yoga is beneficial both for those with a sedentary work, and for those who are moving a lot.

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A such seemingly simple thing as getting in touch with your natural breathing can do wonders in everyday life. Breathing exercises also increases your energy and helps to balance your mind.

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A relaxation is an incredibly effective way to recover from an intense day. To rest in this deep state between sleep and wakefulness quickly give you new energy and afterwards you get more out of the remaining day.

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With meditation, you learn to see your thoughts and feelings from a distance by experiencing yourself and your environment as a whole. Our meditation is a stunningly simple and practical exercise that you can carry with you in everyday life.
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