Yoga & meditation - an OVERALL EXPERIENCE

Our teaching is based on the original yoga and meditation tradition, as it has been passed on during 1000 of years. This rich tradition provides in-depth tools that reinforce and complement each other.
The tools will help you achieve clarity and balance, and are simple, hands-on techniques for everyday life.

A perfect class after a long day
For those who want to go deeper with classical yoga and meditation. The course runs over several weeks and provides you with the regularity needed so that yoga and meditation will become a natural part of your everyday life.

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Cool down and recharge
Welcome to a weekend retreat on the Danish "sunshine island" in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Going on a weekend retreat is often experienced as more relaxing and refreshing than a traditional holiday on the beach.

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For you and your unborn child 
With pregnancy yoga, you will be well prepared for the birth and feel better during the pregnancy. The course strengthens the bond between you and your unborn child - and you get an insight into how you can influence your common health.
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